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Planted is the conceptual realization and labor of love for Colorado native, Luke Huss.

Luke Huss &

Ollie, Planted's always present mascot

It all started with playing in the dirt - and then in the garden as a young kid. I was fascinated with trees and plants, how they grew, and their place in nature. Some aspects of the plant-world must also have rubbed off on me while hanging around my Mom's flower shop; or it could have been osmosis...


Over the years, I've held a range of jobs from landscaping and tree-trimming, to interior-scaping and wholesale greenhouses — each specializing in something different. After years of working for others - and really enjoying this line of work - I decided to continue it with starting my own business, culminating as a retail plant shop and interior-scape company called planted.

I'm passionate about taking action towards a more sustainable path of commerce by reusing, repurposing & recycling. "Living Green" is the Planted business model and manifesto - not only by being surrounded by living greens - but the lifestyle of being green & upcycling. Another aspect of Planted is my custom woodworking, using reclaimed wood which is salvaged to become plant displays, containers, and wallscapes, and much more, which lend a creative partner for the plants.

Planted right here in Denver's quaint Sloan's Lake Neighborhood, we could not be happier to be a part of a burgeoning community that bridges the gap between the inner city and its developing counterparts to the West. The actual retail space that is now Planted had a rich history as a creative space for designers of all kinds over the years, maintaining this inventive, expressive energy, Planted has transformed this small four-walled shop into a venerable feast for the senses. Juxtaposing raw woodgrain with leafy greens, cold cement with vibrant shades of life, and sharp, angular aesthetics with plump succulents, there are elements at play here that will be hard to find elsewhere. Come in and enjoy the sights, scents, and feeling of a space that is literally abuzz with life.

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